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Default Guild Rules and Policies

Rules and Policies
As of 10/8/2019
1. Guild Mission
2. Primary Objective
3. Recruitment Policies
4. Internal Policies
5. External Policies
6. Loot Policies and Distribution of Items
7. Bank Policies

1. Guild Mission
To build a community of the highest level in which we are allowed to prosper as a group, advance as individuals, and continuously improve through any and all obstacles in a fair, unbiased environment with a focus both upper end PvP and PvE Encounters.

2. Primary Objective
To become the leading guild on Archeage Unchained in all aspect of endgame both PvP and PvE. Including but not limited to World Bosses, Naval Battles, Trade, Crafting, Money Making, Instanced PvP, Instanced PvE, and all forms of level and gearscore Progression.

3. Recruitment Policies
Members wishing to apply for the guild must meet the following guidelines:
1) Must be at least 16yrs old.
2) Must be able to use discord. Voice is optional but you will not be allowed into raid content without being on to hear commands.
3) Must be able to Speak and Read English to a proficient level.
4) You must be applying with your Primary Character. (Primary Character is defined as your account that you do upper tier endgame content with.) You are not allowed to put an alt in unlucky without your main being in the guild.
5) You are not permitted to have any other character in Rival Guilds without permission from leadership.
Members also must be willing to do the following things ingame to apply:
1) PvP related content including dominions, sieges, naval battles, contested world bosses and fights over trade packs.
2) Members must be willing to Flag (Purple) on faction members if required. (*see external policy for more on Purpling)
3) Be able to listen to and take constructive criticism.
4) Be willing to listen and follow the calls of raid leads and shot callers in PvP situations.
5) Abide by all policies stated.

4. Internal Guild and Event Policies
1) No racist, sexist, homophobic, religious, or any other personal attacks against membership will be tolerated. (Note: If it is a joke it is a joke, but anything serious will be dealt with leading up to termination from the guild. If you are bothered by what someone says let them know, if they continue to do it let leadership know and we will handle it.)

2) No Excessive toxicity. Belittling or attacking guild members will not be tolerated. Again, if it is a joke fine, but if it is a direct attack it can lead to termination of membership.

3) No Theft from the guild, guild bank, or its members for any reason. Theft will result in immediate termination of membership. Note: All verbal agreements will be upheld both in game and through discord.

4) All members of any of the Unlucky Guilds are equal members. There are no Primary/Secondary guilds. In the case of multiple guilds due to low member caps ingame, we will utilize discord as the primary means of communication between the guilds. Those on discord will more than likely be the first ones invited to content as we will not be sending personal invitations out in game to join us. All members should have discord open when playing to hear “@” calls in discord so to not miss activities we are going in game.

While we understand this is not optimal, the standard endgame guild in Archeage will have between 70-120 members. The in-game cap of 50 is Unsustainable for an active endgame guild thus we will more than likely be utilizing multiple guilds in order to build a fully functional guild in all areas of endgame

5) During Raid events all instructions of the Raid Lead and Shot Callers are to be followed. Discussions of what should of happened or suggestions should be done either via Whispers or at the end of the raid. Raid discipline, especially in heavy PvP Scenarios, should be adhered to.

6) Members should come on jobs requested when possible on large scale pvp encounters. This is to insure we have the best shot in a raid vs raid fight. It does us no good to have 3 rangers, 4 abolisher, 1 Dervish, 7 clerics, 0 sooths/Hiero/other healers, 6 DRs and no mages/raid breakers(CC tanks) we would simply lose every encounter. While we want people to play what they want to play, please understand in some events we will request specific rosters or key jobs to be covered to give us all the best chance of success completing content.

7) In the case of the guild rosters becoming full, leadership has the rights to move any alt into our alt guild to make room for actual mains in the primary rosters. Members will be given up to a 24hr notice before we remove their alts. (This is to allow them to spend any stored prestige on the alt)

8) In the case of a scheduled guild event members are not permitted to participate with a static (Small Group) against our guild group for any reason. Example: If we do abyssal as a guild, you cannot go with your own private group instead.

5. External Policies

1) Purpling: To put it simply the guild allows purple for profit. Please note that outside a largescale raid environment all members must be ok with flagging up before it is done. In the case where members do not want to flag up they can choose to leave the party.

In the case of contested open world raid or getting back items stolen from us the raid lead may call for the group to “Flag Up”. In this situation all members of the raid should go purple for the fight. Due to the new infamy system of instant wanted with 1 kill, this should only be in extreme situations where we have no choice but to do it.

Guilds that are allied or on a no-kill list are not to be attacked unless we are attacked by them first.

Members should not be purpling to just Grief our faction without reason. Aka killing a faction member for no gain besides trolling.

2) No excessive toxicity in faction/shout chat. If leadership ask you to stop you should stop.

3) No Scamming of members outside the guild for any reason. Same rules as internally applies here.

4) Members are not allowed to assist any other guild camp, claim, or kill a world boss against us. PK us at an event. Or participate in any other activity that has a negative effect against our guild.

5) Members are not allowed to share guild technologies, guild schedules, and guild discord information with anyone outside the guild.

6) Members are not allowed to let people in rival guilds use their in-game or discord accounts.

6. Loot Policies and Distribution of Items (Note: This is a WIP this might be modified or changed based on upcoming guild meetings)

Record keeping for unlucky is managed through Systems Integrated Guild Management, our custom guild program.
Items that drop from world bosses will be distributed based on overall guild attendance and work put into helping the guild. Those who are more active and help the guild out will be rewarded with limited items quicker than those who pick and choose which events they want to attend.
Guild Attendance is rewarded for any guild events that are schedule. Members are required to be on discord to get credit.
Items will be distributed based on the following Criteria
1) Attending the event where the item drops
2) Overall Attendance and Participation
3) Current Primary Job of the Player
4) Recent Drops obtained by the player
5) Players list of wanted items

7. Guild Bank (Like the part before this was roughly talked about in guild meetings and has not been set in stone. This can change in part or totality in the coming weeks.)

Unlucky will utilize a guild bank for purposes of supporting the guild in various activities. These include:
1) Operations: Covering Cost of Scheduled Guild Events
2) Guild: Guild discretionary spending. (Ships, Buildings, Land, design fragments, ect)
3) Members: Purchasing items that members request.
Operations will provide members with consumable for scheduled guild events when required. These may include the following:
· Ammo
· Pots
· Food
· Dice and Runes
· Books
· Or Reimbursement / Stipend for time spent at the event to help cover cost.
Please Note that not all events will require all these items. Members are not allowed to sell items obtained for guilds event for profits.
Guild Fund for guild purchased will be decided on by leadership and the items we are saving towards or working on will be posted for membership to see.
The members fund allows member to request items or assistance from the bank. This can be gear, designs, materials and so on. Members will be required to either contribute via attending events or assisting the guild in collecting/crafting materials needed before being able to utilize the bank for progression purposes.
Items not distributed directly at the event will be banked (lotted by one of the officers). These items will be recorded and held until they are either distributed to membership or sold for gold used to fund guild projects, guild operations (Meds and such), or purchasing members items they are requesting from the bank.
All Bank holdings, bank expenses, and bank distributions can be viewed by membership via the discord bot, Systems Application, and Website (tentative).

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